Alarm System Design – Home Security

When you request a free quote from Marran, we don’t show up with a sales pitch. We don’t even send a salesperson; we send a technician who is fully qualified to install the system. Our technician will take the time to understand what sort of system best suits you and your family, your budget (no matter how small or large), and your personal preferences. He takes the following steps to ensure that you’ll get the customized security system you want:

1. Discuss your lifestyle

a. How many children you have and their ages
b. Your work schedules and your childrens’ schedules
c. Do you have a house cleaner, babysitter or other people who access the house regularly?

2. Walk through your office or house and analyze your security needs
3. Review different types of protection and the security they provide

a. Perimeter systems—door and window contacts, glass protection
b. Interior systems—interior door contacts. Passive infra-red detectors and dual–technology motion detection (including pet sensitive detectors)

4. Recommend services you might need as part of your security systems

a. Low-temperature and failed burner alerts. Peace of mind if your home is empty for more than a few days during the winter – Marran will call whoever you tell us to if we receive a low temperature or failed burner signal
b. Remote (telephone) basic heating and cooling system operations
c. CO2- Carbon monoxide detectors to alert you if there’s a heating system malfunction
d. Central station-monitored fire alarm system
e. Cellular radio back up if your phone service is routinely interrupted

5. Review wiring installation and recommend equipment locations
6. Review the merits of hard-wired versus wireless security systems or a combination of the two
7. Provide an on-site written proposal

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