Oil Boilers / Furnaces


The Peerless Series, WBV/WV. This conventional system is best for medium sized homes with baseboard, radiators and piping. It offers excellent value. An American-made wet base cast iron residential boiler, the Peerless is a single pass system that offers good running efficiency. However its midsize mass design generates significant standby loss unless it is equipped with the Beckett Aquasmart sensor.


The Buderus G115 (Logano 115WS) Series is best suited for large homes equipped with cast iron baseboard units or radiators. The world’s best selling boiler, it offers innovative design and German-built quality while providing excellent efficiency and performance. The G115 is a wet base cast-iron boiler that features a triple pass design. However, because the G 115’s large mass design generates greater standby loss than low mass systems such as the System 2000 (see below), Marran recommends equipping it with the optional Logomatic control.


The Energy Kinetics System 2000 is the most efficient oil heating system available. It can provide savings of up to 40% a year on your heating bill. American made, the unit is a rock-solid workhorse that is also remarkably quiet. The System 2000 virtually eliminates stand-by energy loss. It features a gasketless one-piece steel spiral boiler controlled by a Digital Energy Manager that provides continuous system monitoring and diagnostics. The unit’s low mass design distributes energy more efficiently than any other unit on the market today.


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