Oil Delivery Options

Automatic Delivery – We Keep Track, So You Don’t Have To

Marran has been providing automatic oil delivery to busy Long Islanders since 1891. Each time we deliver, our state-of-the-art software evaluates your consumption and forecasts the next time you’ll need a delivery. Automatic delivery is essential for snowbirds and people who spend time away from their homes during the heating season
As a customer enrolled in Marran’s automatic delivery program, you also receive our All Risk Service Policy. This policy provides Long Island’s best, most complete coverage and is far superior to our competitors’ named risk policies. It covers all heating parts and labor, repair or replacement.

Will Call Delivery – You Call, Marran Delivers

We guarantee delivery within five business days but often can deliver as quickly as two. Marran offers the same price regardless of drop size so there’s no need to wait until you are low on oil. Please call us when your tank reads one quarter (or less!) full.

Be Sure to Contact Us If You:
• Become a snowbird
• Expand your house or add to the number of people living there
• Have a lifestyle change, such as a new baby or an elderly family member joins your household, and you dial up the thermostat


Home heating oil service you can count on!


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