Switch to Marran Oil Service and we’ll give your heating system a free $250 overhaul.

No-charge 2 ½ hour overhaul

Our serviceman will disassemble your heating system to its “bare bones,” clean every component and vacuum the boiler, the smoke pipe and the chimney base. He’ll remove the burner from the system and thoroughly clean and adjust each part. Finally, he will put it all back together and tune your system to peak efficiency. This service is free, provided you stay with Marran for at least two years.

Efficiency test guarantee

When the heating system has been thoroughly cleaned, the service technician will administer a test to measure and adjust its efficiency. As described in our All Risk Service Policy, once the test and adjustments have been made, Marran guarantees it will keep the system within seven percent of its measured maximum efficiency.

A Smart Filter with Free Replacements

Smart because it filters five times more efficiently and costs only $60. If you install the filter during the initial overhaul, Marran will charge just $29. Your future filter cartridge replacements are free, as long as you maintain Marran’s All Risk Service Policy.

Save up to $100 more per year

Our service technician will show you how to adjust the boiler’s aquastat. This simple step can save you over $100 per year in oil consumption (source: Brookhaven National Laboratory).



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