Installation Done Right

What To Expect

We’ve has been designing and installing oil heating systems for nearly 100 years. Our technicians go through the company’s rigorous training program and work exclusively for Marran. They come to your office fully prepared, with the necessary equipment to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We Know It’s a Big Deal

Putting in a new boiler or furnace is like having “major surgery” on your home. We go over the details and answer all your questions before we begin.

We Plan Ahead

We take the necessary steps to ensure your water, heat and electricity will be off for the shortest possible time.

We’re Careful

Our technicians cover your floors and stairways with plywood and drop clothes to protect them while carrying equipment in and out of the house. Any equipment we remove is wrapped so it doesn’t end up on your floors and carpets.

We’re Considerate

Marran’s installers are there to do a job – they’re not your houseguests. They won’t use your bathroom without permission. They won’t ask to use your telephone or receive personal phone calls on the job site. Our technicians will never disturb you with loud music or park in the driveway without permission. They leave your home as neat as they found it.

We’re Professionals

Marran, and its employees, are insured with general liability and workers’ compensation. If one of our employees gets hurt on the job, it will not affect your insurance policy. If we should accidentally damage your property, our policy will cover it.

We Have High Standards

We believe we have the most professional and courteous installers in the business. They adhere to Marran’s No Tobacco and Alcohol-Free policies so you don’t have to worry about them smoking or drinking on the job site. We also perform random drug tests on our employees.

Our service manager, Martin Nichols, supervises all installations. He is available to address any concerns or questions you may have.


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