Pricing & Payment Plans

We believe customers who pay their oil bills on time are entitled to the best price. That’s why we offer preferred customer pricing . Participants in the program, on average, save at least $300 per year.

When it comes to billing, Marran’s budget-billing program lets you pay your oil bill in equal monthly payments over a 12- month period. This helps manage expenses by lowering the amount you have to pay during the cold weather months when you burn the vast majority of your fuel. And as a budget-billing member, you can have your bank automatically send Marran a monthly check from your checking account.

If you are on our budget-billing plan, you are automatically charged the lower, “preferred” price. If you are on our pay as you go plan, as long as you pay your bill within 10 days of delivery you’ll be charged at the preferred customer rate.

Purchase Options

Budget Billing

Preferred Pricing


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