Advantages of a monthly payment plan

• You are guaranteed Marran’s Preferred Customer discount upfront. Enjoy the freedom of not worrying about a ten day deadline.
• Cut your oil payments in half. Most homeowners consume 90% of their oil in six months.With a monthly payment plan, give yourself 12 months to pay.
• Only one monthly bill to write (even if you receive more than one delivery).
• Service policy renewal is included in the monthly payment plan.
• With a monthly payment plan, you can keep your thermostat set at a steady temperature – just the way you like it!
• Go holiday shopping knowing your winter fuel bill is just one low monthly payment.
• Business travelers, snowbirds, and vacationers do not return home to an unexpected bill.
• If you currently subscribe to a check-writing service, you can set up your account so that the bank automatically sends Marran a monthly check.


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