Home Heating Oil. Still Better Than Gas

Although Marran provides installation and service of gas and liquid propane heating systems we prefer home heating oil because it is safer, more reliable and cost-effective.

Gas’ Hidden Costs

With home heating oil you pay for what you get. You receive a metered ticket after each delivery and can track how much you’ve used. For oil customers, a warm winter means savings. With gas, you can receive a mild winter surcharge known as a warm weather adjustment.

And converting to gas is expensive. Ads for “free” gas boilers don’t tell you installation costs run close to $9,000. Because of these costs, and current prices, your investment payback will be much longer with gas than if you installed a new, efficient oil heating system.

Oil’s Multiple Suppliers. Good for Consumers.

Home heating oil comes from Canada, California, Venezuela, Russia, Africa, the Middle East and Texas. It can be transported by boat, pipeline, railroad, or truck. Currently, there are over 100 Long Island oil companies vying for your business. That keeps our prices competitive.

Gas comes from one pipeline. If that pipeline can’t handle demand, the result is a brownout or no heat at all. During peak times, KeySpan pays their largest customers to stop using gas and use oil. Basic economics tell us that monopolies force consumers to pay more.

Home heating oil is safe

If you dropped a lit match into a drum of heating oil, the match would go out. That’s because it’s not flammable. Home heating oil burns only after its been atomized, which is why you never hear about an oil-heated house exploding. And heating oil is safe for the environment. It’s classified as non-toxic, contains no carcinogens and is biodegradable.

The Truth About Carbon Monoxide

Both home heating oil and gas heating systems can create carbon monoxide but if an oil-fired system is malfunctioning, it almost always generates smoke and soot, which alerts the homeowner. With gas, there are no obvious signs that you may be in a life-threatening situation.


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