Call us at (631) 654-2500

24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

We’d be happy to arrange a free quote on any of our systems or services including alarms, central air conditioning and heating and hot water as well as oil delivery.

Marran can also help when:

You buy a home

Marran’s free pre-closing heating system inspection gives homebuyers one less thing to think about. Our expert technicians evaluate your perspective home’s heating system and if it is in good working order, we’ll guarantee it with our All Risk Service policy.

You sell a home

Marran can provide your attorney with a closing letter, which allows reimbursement for the oil in your tank and the value of the residual equity of your service policy. We offer the same service on pre-purchased alarm monitoring to help insure you get any money back you are due.

Are a landlord

Protect you property, and peace of mind, by requiring tenants to purchase oil and service directly from Marran. No more middle of the night phone calls about being out of heat.


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