Marran Installs and Services the Smart Solar™ Water Heater

Solar water heating is one of the best ways to save money on your utility bill. It can also reduce green house gas emissions. The Energy Kinetics Smart Solar water-heating appliance is clean, cost-effective and reliable. Installed by certified professionals, it is backed by a 10 year limited collector panel warranty.

The system uses flat plate collectors, which are a neutral color and only 3 inches high. On your roof it looks like a well-designed skylight. The collectors use a patented heat transfer fluid and high-efficiency heat exchangers. System components feature overheat protection that keep the collector temperatures below 250°F when the hot water tank is fully charged. The result is a low-pressure system with no degradation of heat transfer fluid.

Call Marran to learn more about installing a cost-effective solar hot water system in your house.


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